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About The Deal

Experience a revolutionary approach to consumer financing with Souhoola, exclusively for Benefits Hero users. This partnership is designed to empower you with enhanced financial freedom, offering a simplified approval process and increased credit limits. Enjoy the convenience of workplace account activation and access to special corporate offers tailored just for you. With Souhoola, you’re not just getting a service; you’re unlocking a seamless path to fulfilling your shopping needs and aspirations, all while enjoying the additional perks and flexibility that come with being a part of Benefits Hero. Say goodbye to cumbersome financial barriers and hello to a world of possibilities, where more benefits and more money await you

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At Benefits Hero, we go the extra mile to secure not just exclusive, but the best possible deals and discounts for our partners and clients, and we stand by our guaranteed. With Benefits Hero, you gain access to premium deals that you won't find anywhere else

About The Provider

Souhoola, established in 2019, is a pioneering consumer financing company in Egypt, driven by a mission to democratize financial solutions through cutting-edge technology. With a focus on financial inclusion, Souhoola endeavors to elevate the living standards of Egyptians, emphasizing support for the underbanked and non-banked segments. Recognized for its innovation and excellence, including being awarded the Start-Up Of The Year at the IDC Digital Excellence Awards 2020, Souhoola uses its extensive knowledge and a robust network of retail partners to craft personalized financial products that cater to the diverse needs of its customers. By offering instant credit approvals and a wide array of shopping options, Souhoola stands out as a leader in facilitating accessible and affordable consumer financing solutions.

Why Souhoola?

Souhoola’s dedication to financial inclusion and improvement has propelled it to become a beacon of excellence in the consumer financing sector. Their team, comprising over 300 dedicated professionals and a network spanning 22 governorates, harnesses extensive financial knowledge and cutting-edge technology to develop solutions that are not just accessible but also significantly elevate the customer’s shopping experience. It is this profound expertise and unwavering commitment to our customers’ financial empowerment that sets Souhoola apart as the premier choice for consumer financing in Egypt.

Trusted Solutions

Souhoola’s trustworthiness is built on a solid foundation of transparency and integrity. Recognized as the Startup of the Year by the IDC Digital Excellence Awards 2020, their commitment to providing reliable and responsible financial solutions is unwavering. With rigorous data protection standards and a user-friendly platform, Souhoola ensures a secure and trustworthy experience for all its customers. Their dedication to excellence and ethical practices has made them a trusted name in consumer financing across Egypt.

Established Excellence

In just a few years since its launch in 2019, Souhoola has rapidly established itself as an authoritative figure in the consumer financing space in Egypt. Leveraging years of financial insight and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Souhoola has amassed a wealth of positive customer reviews that speak to its reliability and effectiveness. This track record of excellence showcases Souhoola’s firm standing as a trusted and authoritative provider of innovative financial solutions.

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