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Discover a world of exclusive opportunities with Lagoonie Group, specially curated for Benefits Hero clients. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of Egyptian hospitality, savor delicious culinary delights, and dive deep into the vibrant cultural tapestry that Egypt offers. Enjoy bespoke experiences that elevate your travel and dining adventures, ensuring memorable moments that resonate well beyond your journey.

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This special offer spans from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024, providing a year-long opportunity to explore and enjoy the exceptional services of Lagoonie Group.

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About The Provider

Established in 2017, Lagoonie Group is a distinguished Egyptian conglomerate renowned for its slogan, “Bringing People Together.” With diverse ventures in hospitality management, restaurants, tourism, and film production, Lagoonie Group stands as a pillar in offering unparalleled experiences in Egypt. Their commitment spans across various subsidiaries, including the serene Lagoonie Lodge Hotel, the authentic Eish Balady eatery, the innovative Lagoonie Tourism Egypt, and the creative Lagoonie Film Production, each designed to enrich and connect communities.

Pioneers in Hospitality

Lagoonie Group excels in creating inclusive, memorable experiences that embody their ethos of uniting people. Their mastery in hospitality, culinary arts, and entertainment offers unmatched quality and innovation.

Expertise Across the Board

Their expertise lies in a broad spectrum of services, from exquisite lodging and dining to authentic travel experiences and groundbreaking film productions, highlighting their versatility and commitment to excellence.

A Legacy of Trust

With a proven track record of success and innovation since 2017, Lagoonie Group has established itself as a trusted name in Egypt’s hospitality and entertainment industries, making them a reliable choice for any adventurer or diner.

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