Experience the rich flavors of Egypt with an exclusive offer from Eish Baladi


About The Deal

Experience the rich flavors of Egypt with an exclusive offer from Eish Baladi. The restaurant is located in the vibrant setting of El Gouna, offering a wide selection of authentic Egyptian dishes for breakfast and lunch at a 10% discount exclusive to Benefits Hero clients. Whether you’re starting your day with a hearty breakfast or indulging in a satisfying lunch, Eish Baladi brings you the best of traditional Egyptian cuisine in a charming atmosphere, making every meal memorable.

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This special offer spans from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024, providing a year-long opportunity to explore and enjoy the exceptional services at the Eish Baladi Restaurant.

Eish Baladi

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About The Provider

Eish Baladi is more than just a restaurant; it is a celebration of Egyptian culinary artistry located in the heart of El Gouna. Their commitment is to serve the most delectable Egyptian dishes, from sumptuous breakfasts to hearty lunches, all crafted with authentic flavors and traditional techniques. Each meal at Eish Baladi is not only a feast for the taste buds but also an invitation to experience the rich Egyptian culture through its cuisine.

Why Choose Eish Baladi?

Eish Baladi is dedicated to bringing the best of Egypt’s flavors in a setting that is both inviting and exciting. Their location in the vibrant El Gouna enhances the dining experience, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while indulging in top-quality Egyptian cuisine. Whether one is starting their day with a flavorful breakfast or enjoying a leisurely lunch, Eish Baladi is the perfect spot to make any meal enjoyable and exceptional.

Mastering the Culinary Experience

Eish Baladi isn’t just about serving food; it’s about mastering the art of Egyptian cuisine. Their chefs are not only experts in traditional cooking techniques but are also innovators, constantly exploring new ways to enhance the classic flavors that define Egyptian dining. Each dish at Eish Baladi is prepared with meticulous care, ensuring that every ingredient speaks of quality and authenticity.

A Culinary Hub in El Gouna

Situated in the heart of El Gouna, Eish Baladi takes full advantage of its scenic location. The restaurant not only offers a feast for the palate but also a feast for the eyes with its picturesque views. Their outdoor seating area is the perfect place to enjoy a meal while soaking in the ambient sounds and sights of this bustling locale.

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